feedback from course participants...

"The content and delivery were both life changing!  The practice will and is benefitting my personal and work life balance.  Moira was excellent!  The insight into the everyday challenges involved in social work practice and the care and time taken with individuals was inspiring.  Very knowledgeable and very much appreciated" (Lesley-Anne)


"Fantastic course.  I have enjoyed every session.  Resources are fantastic" (Toni)


"Moira was great.  Such a lovely calming voice!  I definitely feel I've benefitted from this course and would recommend it to others"


"Really enjoyed the course from start to finish.  The best facilitator experience of training ever.  Moira has a very calm voice and allowed people to share their views well" (Shazia)


"The course has allowed me to relax, think and have time to myself.  It has helped me to sleep better and not think about work outside of the workplace.  Moira was very good.  Recommended training"


"I feel the course has helped me tremendously.  I think it will help me health wise, reducing stress and anxiety mainly in relation to work" (Sharon)


"I feel calmer, relaxed and more aware of what is happening around me.  Moira has been really good, patient and understanding" (Angela)


"I was stressed and anxious and overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings regarding work and its impact on me personally.  However, throughout the sessions and practice I feel more relaxed and able to manage my stress...both at work and home.  Moira was very supportive and helped create a relaxed atmosphere." (Patrick)


"Moira was very warm, welcoming and accepting of everyone.  She explained everything very well.  I would highly recommend this course and tutor" (Beverly)


"This is an excellent course.  Superb facilitation from an excellent communicator"



"I think mindfulness is such an important part of overall wellbeing.  I have had so many benefits in both my personal and work life.  Moira is great.  She is a very calm and kind person who made me feel at ease and able to speak about anything I was feeling.  She explained everything fully" (Lorraine)


"This course has helped in both my professional and private life.  I feel calmer, more rational and more able to process thoughts with a more gentle understanding and less confrontational manner.  Lovely voice and such a lovely lady" (Jackie)


"I found the course extremely useful.  It taught me how to de-stress and relax as I just didn't (couldn't) do that.  Moira was very compassionate, helpful and a joy to be around.  I learned so much about myself" (Catherine)

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